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Korean Style Beef with Noodles

Today I’m going to show you my take on a fantastic slimming world dish that is freely available in a well-known local frozen food store un the UK and in Spain. This dish is called Korean Style Beef Noodles. I find that when some of recipes are written on the back of the ready meal packaging, there is always a few ingredients that are not just lying around in your store cupboard, so to help get over this, I have…

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Slow Cooker Highland Beef Stew

When the leaves start to fall and the cool, dark autumn months start to take hold, there is nothing better than snuggling up together on a warm sofa, with your favorite box set and a warm hearty stew to fill your belly. The best way to make a good stew is low and slow, low in heat and long in cooking time so it makes perfect sense to get out the slow cooker and settle into the flavour-bursting slow cooking…

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Mighty Beef & Mixed Pepper Meatzza

This is my take on the SlimmingWorld Mighty Meatzza. It is an absolutely fantastic little twist on a classic pizza but without the dough base making this a delicious and healthy twist on a classic takeaway dish. By using minced beef that is 5% fat or less, this is a low-fat cross between a 100% beef burger and a classic pizza. It's a much healthier takeaway alternative to classic pizza and with a side of SlimmingWorld syn-free fries something the…

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Chilli Beef Cannelloni – Slimming Friendly

I am fairly sure that I can eat chill con-carne or pasta every day and never get bored of it but sometimes I just can’t decide what I want more so this time I have just used some left-over Chilli Con-Carne and a few lasagne sheets to make this lovely Chilli-Beef Cannelloni. For this dish to work you will need to have some left-over Chilli Con-Carne but it can also be made as a traditional beef cannelloni with bolognaise if…

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Slimming Friendly Italian Meatballs

It is really difficult to beat homemade Italian meatballs when the meatballs are just so juicy, light to the bite and covered with a homemade marinara sauce that is absolutely bursting with flavour. With just a few little adjustments and healthy swaps, making meatballs in a slimming-friendly way is not difficult to do. Making the Meatballs: Preheat your oven to 180 degrees C / 400 F / Gas mark 6 In a large mixing bowl, add the minced beef, minced…

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